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Melbourne Orthotics provides orthotic management for all areas of the body.  We specialise in management of the foot and ankle, but our treatment options encompass all areas of orthotic management for the upper limb and spine. Melbourne Orthotics also provides specialist, complex fracture casting and management. 

Post operative Management

Melbourne Orthotics provides services to post operative orthopaedic patients including suture removal, wound management, casting and bracing.
Fracture Management

Melbourne Orthotics staff are skilled in the most complex fracture casting and bracing techniques available. We utilise the most up to date materials and processes.
Complex Foot and Ankle Problems

Our years of experience and training has resulted in highly effective skill in the areas of diabetic foot management including total contact casting and custom, softer style foot orthotics. 
Compression Stockings

Melbourne Orthotics carries the high quality Bauerfeind brand of compression stockings. These are available as off the shelf products or can be custom made. 
Spinal Bracing

Acute, Chronic or Post Operative, Melbourne Orthotics has the appropriate spinal brace for you. We are able to provide multiple options for off the shelf and custom made devices.

To complement effective orthotic management, many people require podiatric care. Melbourne Orthotics use podiatry services regularly, a podiatrist is currently on site at our Richmond and Altona North rooms
Orthopaedic Footwear

Accurately fitted shoes are an essential part of effective orthotic management and keeping your feet healthy. We have a full range of extra depth/width footwear with removable liners with slippers also available.
Technical Support

Utilising the most current CAD technology and milling techniques, Melbourne Orthotics is able to provide unsurpassed efficient and accurate orthotic management. All our technical fabrication is done onsite at our head office by our highly skilled technicians.
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