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Foot Orthoses & Footwear

At Melbourne Orthotics, we provide a holistic approach to foot management. We always start with a full assessment to decide on the most appropriate foot orthotic and footwear to assist in effective management. Custom made, semi rigid foot orthotics are fabricated using the most advanced technology and fitted to your own footwear or specialist footwear fitted on site. 

AFOs & Lower Limb Orthoses

Custom made and off the shelf Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFOs) are available at Melbourne Orthotics. We have an extensive range of braces to trial on site and also varying materials for fabrication that result in the most suitable ankle orthosis/brace for your needs.

Upper Limb Orthoses


Whether you have a fracture, arthritis or overuse injury, Melbourne Orthotics can provide a cast or brace to support your injury. Low temperature plastics are used in many cases to provide a stable, effective and removable bracing option in place of a cast. We also have many soft braces to immobilise different joints which still allow function and good quality of life, while providing the support you need.

Spinal Orthoses

There are a number of spinal conditions that require orthotic treatment. The most common include trauma or injury, arthritis and conditions such as scoliosis. Orthotic bracing for the spine will depend on which section of the spine is affected. Spinal braces can be pre-fabricated or custom-made and range from cervical collars for the neck to lumbar braces for the lower back. 

Compression Stockings

Melbourne Orthotics stocks a full range of compression garments for the lower limb. We stock high quality Bauerfeind compression garments, which come in more sizes than other brands allowing them to provide a more accurate fit. The compression garments are medical grade and range from compression class 1 to compression class 3.

Melbourne Orthotics also offers a custom made service. Please contact our head office for an appointment to be assessed and measured for a custom made garment. Your stocking is fabricated in Germany and usually delivered within 2 weeks from the time of measurement.

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