Footwear is often an important component of treatment for foot and ankle conditions. Footwear needs to be supportive, corrective, and accommodative (where orthotics are required). The success of orthotic treatment for the foot and ankle can be highly dependent upon the suitability of footwear.

The staff at Melbourne Orthotics have a comprehensive knowledge of the construction and mechanics of footwear and are highly trained in fitting footwear. Melbourne Orthotics has a small range of shoes in stock that accommodate for orthotics and have soles suitable for orthopaedic sole modifications. If Melbourne Orthotics does not stock shoes that are suitable for your feet, the staff can provide you with details of where you can go to find such shoes. 

Melbourne Orthotics stocks a small range of the following shoes:

  • Footprints by Birkenstock
  • Keen
  • Dr. Comfort
  • Walk On
  • Dankso
  • Ziera